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These are the ponderings of a mother in love with her children, both in my arms and in the grave. Some of these ponderings are quite emotional, some are funny, others contemplative and spiritual. All are sincere. May these writings bless you in many ways and bring you closer to the one, true God and Redeemer of all things.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sick & Sleeping

The exciting title of this post is exactly why I have not posted in a while…and will likely be interesting to grandparents and aunties only.  Elsa got sick at the end of last week and kindly passed that along to me by the next day. We all laid around all weekend, having an enjoyable pajama weekend together. I wasn’t too bad, but she was coughing a lot. We had to use that awful nose aspirator to suck that nasty stuff out of her sinuses. I am glad she does not have memory of life at this point; she would surely hate me forever. She despises that thing, as I imagine most infants do.

I thought we were both on the up and up, but alas, yesterday we began downhill again. Sore throat for me, headache, achy all over. Today, worse.  I really hope she does not feel as I do. But those little coughs from such a little person do break my heart. I cannot imagine mommies and daddies that must watch their children suffer worse things. How their heart must break into tiny pieces with every wince or cry, needle or surgery. And ne'er forget those mommas who must watch their babes pang with hunger. 

Oh, Lord, have mercy….

Fortunate we are to just have coughs and sniffles, sore throats and headaches.  Whatever it is she is feeling she wants momma all the time. She snuggles a lot when she is sick. I resigned my days to getting nothing done (yes, I am a bad sick person, I have a difficult time resting, I try to sleep but just lay their awake…I don’t know…). So I get little accomplished, except being a good momma to a sick babe. No regret.  For her afternoon nap sick sweetie would not let me put her down, so I wrapped her up in the Moby and she slept for 2 ½ hours all snugged up next to me.

This this morning I awoke to her squirming around, not sleeping well. But this girl, she’s got it goin’ on. Check out this bootie (and that is a not cloth diapers under there):

I am pretty sure one could ski off that thing if thing if small enough.  But anyways, here we are, sick again at home. Thankful for warmth inside and sunshine outside. I may feel a bit cooped up and as the ol' saying goes "sick and tired of being sick and tired", but could anything Elsa be as important as her today?  ;-)

I am reminded these days of the quote by Charles Kingsley:

“Thank God every morning when you get up, that you have something to do that day which must be done…”

Indeed. Thank you, Lord. 

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