the ponderings of a mother

These are the ponderings of a mother in love with her children, both in my arms and in the grave. Some of these ponderings are quite emotional, some are funny, others contemplative and spiritual. All are sincere. May these writings bless you in many ways and bring you closer to the one, true God and Redeemer of all things.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1

1.  Placing pumpkins and other fall décor all over my home
2.  Receiving a magazine in the mail highlighting the top 50 influential Christian women
3.  Finalizing a job offer for me doing editing from home! Woooo!
4.  A bright tree ablaze with orange only a glances distance from my window
5.  A morning to write on my blog while Elsa slept tight
       So today was pretty easy, so much just handed to me to be thankful for! I did 5 instead of 3 J

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  1. Stopping by from Ann's today.. smiling at your gifts. Love how God has lit the trees on fire this Autumn. Beautiful! And hoooray for babies sleeping tight :) Blessings from a mom in Iowa!